“Claire‘s involvement with Making it Home project was a gift to us. Her role as a poetry facilitator was quite complex in that she was required to work on different levels with the many partners and stakeholders.

Some of the women had reservations about meeting ‘the poet’ and of what would happen if they didn’t like her – just didn’t get along? Such reservations were quickly swept aside as Claire’s presence was a robust mix of confidence & sensitivity, knowledgeable, warm, empathic, aware, generous, professional, flexible, vital and friendly. She placed the women at the centre of the experience and everyone felt that their contributions were heard, valued and welcomed. Claire had quickly and readily grasped the ethos of our organisation and the sensitive nature of our work and fit very well with us.

As a colleague throughout this project Claire was never less than dependable and totally committed. She has a complete understanding of boundaries and confidentiality and confident in holding both. It was a pleasure to work with her [and] be supported by her.”

– Lynda Peachey, Development Worker, Women Supporting Women

“Creative writing sessions foster an inspiring environment where people, whose confidence has often hit its lowest ebb, can express themselves and re-build self-esteem shattered by the turmoil of homelessness. The sessions are also a great way to develop new literacy skills in a fun and engaging environment. We want to say a huge thank you to Claire for sharing her experience with the group.”

– Ann Landels, Director of Crisis Skylight

“Great content and brilliant to get the chance to meet other aspiring writers. Claire, the tutor delivering the Edinburgh course is fantastic, very knowledgeable, a great teacher: includes and makes everyone feel involved and valuable.”

Feedback from a student on my Write Like A Grrrl! course!

Lovely feedback on my writing course, Write Like A Grrrl!

“Taking Write Like a Grrrl was hugely inspirational for me. Claire gave me practical ways to stop procrastinating and encouragement to actually write. She is an extremely knowledgable and approachable teacher. The course was a great confidence builder and I now feel I can legitimately call myself a writer! An added bonus was the opportunity to meet other female writers and to build a supportive network which has continued on. I would definitely recommend Write Like a Grrrl!”

“I was totally new to creative writing before, and I had a bit of anxiety about being a bit of a fraud. But I’ve found everything to be so inclusive, totally without judgement, and so as a result I’ve been able to learn and develop — and most importantly, to actually start a writing habit. Also: Claire! Best ever.”

“Claire is a brilliant, inspiring, encouraging tutor. In only 6 weeks, I feel that my confidence has really increased.”

– Participants from Write Like A Grrrl! Edinburgh

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